Changes made to my project.

I’ve decided to make changes to the project. Instead of the main character’s appearance gradually morphing over the course of the film, which was initially the proposed main focus of the project. The focus will be on the main character making an interview for promotion – the journey. I’m still keeping the interactive feature and  the main character’s appearance will slightly change over the course of the film – his appearance will change – through rougher clothing, a beaten up face, but more importantly his body language and attitude changes depending on the choices made.

I intend to made all the ‘good decisions mundane, so the viewer goes back to earlier stages to explore, as I intend to contrast the slow, static camera work to the fast frantic camera movement from the fight scene. Usually in rpg games, the player decides to do something they would not normally be able to do, the decisions made in games have consequences, for the avatar, but not the actually player.

I intend on having two opposite versions of Miles by the end of the film, one version organised and clean cut and the opposite, a broken man not making the promotion interview.

Instead of using the Canon 60D I have opted for the Panosonic HMC, as it is overall more reliable in terms of sound. With the canon 60d I found it hard to operate on my own, I found it extremely difficult during my last project to maintain stability and use focus pulls. In terms of visual aesthetics, such as depth of field – the canon trumps the HMC.


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