Fight scene

One aspect of my project which I’m most excited about filming and editing is the short fight scene involving Miles, I want to create a urban “gritty” effect – I intend to shoot this in near darkness and intend on using a fag light. This is to contrast the Miles that appears in a different forking path, a more organised and stable Miles.


A photo from the previous shoot.

For the previous fight scene I used shaky camera techniques and tracked the fast movement of  Miles as he swung. In post production I intend to implement quick, fast cuts during the short fight scene to create the sense of chaos, the camera most be following the subject matter’s chaotic movement. Steven Shaviro explores this through a theory called Post-Continuinity: “This is a filmmaking practise in which a preoccupation with moment-to-moment excitement, and with delivering continual shocks to the audience, trumps any concern with traditional continuity, either on a shot-by-shot level or in terms of larger narrative structures.” (Shaviro, 2011)

Shaviro considers continuity to be “devalued” and “fragmented” and is often reduced to incoherence.

One rule which will be broken during the fight scene will the 180-degree rule, which will be broken by the presence of the first-person perspective. Shaviro, S. (2011).

Post-Continuity [online]. Available at:


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